In the 1800's Tannersville was located on the main droving road between Scranton and Easton. By 1880 it was a prosperous village and the main stopping place for trades between the two cities.

The Tannersville Inn received its namesake in 1847 when David Edinger and his wife sold the property and its 98 acres to Manasseh Miller. The "Tannersville Hotel" was born.

Manasseh Miller was the founder of the Inn as an operating hotel. Prior to his ownership the place was in all probability a tavern with rooms for occasional travelers on the North-South stagecoach, named the Belmont Pike, which became what is now Route 611.

In the following half century of Miller's ownership, the Inn was developed into a fairly large hotel, as well as the farm that Miller had used to supply it.

The present day condition of the Tannersville Inn reflects most of the amenities and features which had delighted much earlier guests. Of course, the Inn has expanded to some extent since the days of Manasseh Miller, but its features are pretty much what existed in his day. Present ownership places a high value upon these reminders and "soul things" from our past, and sees to it that the atmosphere remains within a similar spirit.

For over forty five  years, this old hostelry, a former stagecoach stop, has provided a community amenity in Tannersville - the longest period of ownership since the days of its founder, Manasseh Miller.​

Rear of Inn circa 1920's



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